China Expert Technology has signed two new contracts respectively worth US$10 million and US$12 million to construct the third and fourth phases e-government system for Dehua City in Fujian.

The e-government project is aimed to establish a national electronic government system, in which the existing and expecting government networks and applied systems can be combined to form united technology standard and regulation and consequently a united national government service platform.

The term e-government is a process in which the Chinese government is able to take advantage of modern information and communication technologies to integrate the management and service on Internet, optimize and reform the government structures and working processes, and provide good and standard international administration and service to the society beyond time and space limit.

The third phase construction has been commenced in January 2006 and targeted to complete in June 2007. The company will develop and implement certain e-government administration software and programs for over 70 government departments and administrative units within the city.

The fourth phase construction has been commenced in March 2006 and upon completion targeted in December 2006, an e-Commerce system will be set up for the city.


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