During the 17th Conference of Sino-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, the Chinese trade delegation reached an agreement worth US$16.21 billion, of which US$1.7 billion would be spent on buying legitimate software from the United States.

This is the largest software deal ever reached between the two countries.

Apart from the US$1.7 billion software purchase, China will also buy 80 Boeing planes from Boeing Company, which are worth US$4.6 billion, and US$500 million of communication products from Motorola.

Both nations have agreed to set up a Sino-US High-Tech and Strategic Trade Work Team based on the tenets of the trade commission to help promote the trade between the high-tech sector of both countries, enhance intellectual property rights protection and tourism cooperation.

Vice premier Wu Yi from China said that China imports more than US$660 billion goods each year and plans to increase this amount to US$1 trillion per year in the next few years.


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