The transmission system 3TNetDWDM, built by FiberHome Group and China Telecom (CHA) as a key project of the State's 863 Plan, has passed approval and been put into operation.

With this implementation, FiberHome Group says that a great breakthrough has been made by China in the field of optical communications.

The new system, which links Shanghai and Hangzhou, features 80x40GDWDM transmission capacity and people in Shanghai and Hangzhou can enjoy crisper communications.

A representative from FiberHome says that the new system enables 40 million people to communicate at the same time while providing high-definition digital programs.

Statistics show that over 90% of information in China is being transmitted through optical fiber. With the development of broadband, particularly the upcoming 3G, the market demand for optical fiber-based communication will grow in the coming years.

Lu Weiping, vice president of Fiberhome, says that his company is discussing with other Chinese telecom operators on possible cooperation for the commercial use of 40Gb/s system.


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