China Unicom (CHU) is deploying Caspian's Media Controllers with OC-48 trunks across its country's backbone to manage multimedia network traffic by allocating bandwidth more efficiently and fairly.

Caspian says it is the first company to apply a dynamic hierarchy of bandwidth management policies based on its Fair Use Policy Framework that China Unicom is leveraging to deliver superior service to over one million subscribers.

The China Unicom deployment marks the first time that Caspian solutions have been deployed in a mobile communications IP network to improve user quality while maximizing data throughput.

With millions of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) subscribers, and a growing portfolio of innovative mobile voice and multimedia services, China Unicom can now apply and enforce IP traffic management policies that support QoS across its network with Caspian's Media Controllers.

"As the world's third largest mobile operator, China Unicom recognizes the need to deploy new services while maintaining high network quality," said Brad Wurtz, Caspian president and chief executive officer. "By combining the advantages of our Media Controllers with our Fair Use Policy Framework, we are making its voice network infrastructure more reliable and efficient, ensuring a high quality experience for China Unicom customers."


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