Satyam (SAY) is providing a free data management solution, as well as IT services, to National Office of Project Hope Teacher Training Center sponsored by China Youth Development Foundation.

Project Hope Teacher Training program is one of the important initiatives to implement Project Hope, liaison with the government and support underprivileged children with primary education.

Established 11 years ago, National Office of Project Hope Teacher Training Center has amassed more than 31,000 teacher and volunteer records, a voluminous amount that makes effective and intelligent use of the database very difficult. The key concern, therefore, is to find out ways and means of extracting useful information and resources from the database that would drive the objective of Project Hope Teacher Center.

Satyam's data management solution will address that concern by enabling enhanced visibility into Project Hope's systems. As a result, the public will be able to access information about trainees, schools, courses, and lecturers very quickly. Additionally, donors will be able to review the information and expenses involved in every Project Hope activity.

Moreover, the solution will generate statistical reports automatically, instead of manually, a benefit that will allow Project Hope instructors to focus on mapping out plans and implementing training programs.

"As a responsible corporate citizen, Satyam is committed to reaching out to people in China, through volunteerism, with our pool of IT talent," said Raghavendra Tripathi, regional manager and head of Satyam China. "By helping Project Hope streamline its operations and focus on quality training, we invest in a better future for China."

The pro bono effort reflects Satyam's commitment to the communities in which it does business. For Project Hope, Satyam volunteers take time during weekends to teach schoolteachers and headmasters from western China basic IT skills, such as email and Web surfing.

"We are very grateful to Satyam for its professional expertise and support," National Office of Project Hope Teacher Training wrote the appreciation letter to Satyam. "We have already gone through 85 training cycles, and reached out to more than 31,000 headmasters and teachers from 4,200 Project Hope primary schools in 31 provinces, benefiting more than 100,000 children. We strongly believe that with Satyam's continued support, our office's capabilities will be enhanced dramatically. As a result, we will give a far greater number of Chinese children a chance at higher education."


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