WangYou Media, an online service in China where users can upload and share videos, has established a partnership with for multimedia distribution.

Under the partnership, WangYou Media will give authorization to distribute a selection of quality audio and video contents generated and uploaded by WangYou users.

"We are very excited about teaming up with and view this as a great opportunity for both sides to create a win-win mode of business co- operation. We have every confidence that our content will be passionately embraced by the vast number of existing and future users of," said Buddy Ye, CEO of WangYou Media.

WangYou Media is also actively seeking to broaden distribution channels through collaborations with online and offline media operators for promotion of the unique content generated by its 6 million users.


  1. Buddy Ye is a complete IDIOT ! I have worked with him in the past. took advantage of him nd his poor management of his company wangyou. And he is a liar, wangyou has barely 2million asctive users.


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