Vimicro has selected Terdyne's (TER) J750 as its major device test platform and purchased multiple systems for engineering and production test of multimedia processors.

Selection was based on Teradyne's system installed base, the largest ATE installed base at semiconductor subcontractors in China, which is key in meeting production and time to market demands.

In the competitive selection process, Vimicro says it chose the J750 for its proven test economics supporting current and long term product test demands of processors for image sensors used on cell phones and PC cameras.

"Since 2003, Teradyne has demonstrated to Vimicro a commitment to outstanding customer support," said Dr. Edward Yang, Director of Chip Operations and Purchasing, Vimicro. "This attention to customer support combined with an economically efficient and technically advanced test platform produces a competitive differentiation on many fronts. Vimicro better serves its customers when we have the Teradyne test advantage."


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