TCL Computer, the fourth largest PC manufacturer in China, has announced the acquisition of CNY50 million credit loan from TCL Group.

TCL Group's credit loan support has put TCL Computer on the new path to becoming a top PC manufacturer in China. In addition, the company has also clarified a rumor to local media that TCL Computer would reduce about 50% of its staff, by saying that it staff reduction will be no more than 15% of the total staff number.

In response to the previous media reports that TCL Group would sell its computer business, Zhao Zhongyao, senior vice president of TCL Group, says the computer business has been one of the most important parts of TCL's 3C strategy and TCL will not change its mind in developing the computer service.

Yang Jianrong, general manager of TCL Computer, says that TCL Computer has been well prepared in its operational pattern and the company will insist on working with its partners, giving priority to product quality and service and continuing to achieve a steady growth in the consumer PC market in China.


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