Following the release of the "Netcafe Special Use Computer Application Standard" at the beginning of this month, China's Ministry of Culture will soon publish a list of endorsed computer brands for use at netcafes.

Luo Hong Yuan, director of the State Information Product Test Center, has disclosed that seven computer manufacturers including Lenovo, Founder and TCL have passed the initial certification process and they will become the first batch of members of the management commission for the standard. Their computers will be affixed with a special logo before being delivered from the factory.

This "Netcafe Special Use Computer Application Standard" is not a compulsory standard, but it is stricter than the national computer standard in several aspects. For example, it requires that computers must pass 3C certification and be energy-efficient.

Luo said that compared with the pre-assembled computers purchased by the Chinese netcafe owners in the past, these new computers feature faster and safer network access and are more stable.

The new standard will be implemented throughout the country through the provincial and local cultural departments.


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