Chinese online auction site has just released a blacklist of fake goods sellers. The list shows that many highly ranked sellers are cheating buyers by taking advantage of their high credit index. has closed the accounts of these concerned sellers, with many netizens posting messages in online forums that they now can not trust Taobao's ranking system.

Sellers and buyers are ranked based on their trustworthiness and ability to deliver as-advertised products. One poster surnamed He says that some sellers register with different member names to make good comment about themselves so as to get high credit rankings.

Other netizens believe that the current ranking system has become a key element that restricts the development of online shopping businesses.


  1. A quick search of today will show 80 128GB Kingston datatraveller DT200 flash drives for sale from Chinese companies. These are ALL fraudulent. They are really 4GB chips with real looking Kingston packaging and a false controller. Be especially aware of The Shenzhen Flash Drive Industry and Trade Company and its representative, Sean Lee alias Shuyin Ni ([email protected] he also uses [email protected] ) who is conducting an international criminal enterprise from the website.

  2. Ordered DEC-12-09 & Rec'd DEC-23-09
    128GB Original..? Packaging
    Scan of device shows that it is a 128 GB… but
    Drive Genius shows:
    Integrity Check Failed 2,bad block in the 1048576 bytes at 126533205504

    It seems to stop around the 4GB mark… imagine that.
    It still says that the following…
    format is freeMS-DOS (FAT32)
    Capacity: 137.41 GB
    Available: 133.36 GB
    Used: 4.04 GB on disk (4,043,374,592 bytes)

    DEC-29-09 ~ site has no more product available…
    Pay Pal will not help in the matter…

    As stated in our User Agreement, the claims process only applies to the shipment of goods. It does not apply to complaints about the attributes or quality of goods
    received. Therefore, we are unable to reverse this transaction or issue a refund.

    Seller's Name: wu dongchu
    Shenzhen Flash Drive Industry and Trade Company
    Ship From:
    935 Choi Ping House
    Choi Yuen Estate
    Sheung Shui, default

    Caveat Emptor ~ Should of Done my homework, not been dazzled by low cost & capacity..!


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