Xiamen's Huli District People's Court has received a class action lawsuit from 19 Chinese consumers who accuse Dell (DELL) of fraud.

These consumers say that Dell has not provided them with acceptable products. They ask Dell to refund twice the value of the goods as compensation and pay all the legal costs for the court proceedings.

The problem was first identified by a consumer who bought a Dell Inspiron 640M laptop online. When the consumer tried to upgrade the EMS memory within the computer, he found that the laptop was fixed with a T2300E CPU, not the T2300 Dell marked on the order form.

The CPU Inter T2300E is CNY300 cheaper than T2300, and it can not support some virtual technology. Dell says there is no difference for consumers using CPU T2300 or T2300E, and they will not reimburse consumers for the incorrect configuration.

On July 26, a consumer in Shanghai sued Dell, asking the company to refund all costs for the incorrect configuration. The case is currently being processed by Shanghai's Luwan District Court.

Dell has not publicly responded to this latest lawsuit.


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