Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei announced the launch of the 2021 edition of the ICT Academies program, a proposal that seeks to cooperate with the academic world by granting training and certifications on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to university professors and students. The fifth edition of Seeds for the Future 2021 (Seeds for the future) began this Monday with the training of the group of 30 students chosen from different branches of the engineering career, which come from multiple prestigious universities from all corners of the country. This global educational program non profitThe objective is to establish cooperation between the company and the universities in order to build a talent system for the ICT ecosystem together with the professors “from Argentine universities. From this Monday until September 6, the chosen students can access workshops on information and communication technologies (ICT) and leadership. They will also have the opportunity to know the traditional and modern culture of China and how to leverage technology to address social and / or environmental problems in the Tech4Good project. The group of students come from the engineering career of universities in Tucumán, Rosario, Córdoba, Resistencia and many more. Along the way of this training week, students will also share their training with young people from Paraguay, United States, Dominican Republic, Canada and Costa Rica. The program also includes virtual tours of Huawei headquarters in China, as well as trainings on key technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and the Cloud; Also scientists, experts and professors will share their perspectives on a wide range of topics, from cybersecurity to smart cities. The Chinese giant is committed to education. Photo: AP The opening ceremony was in charge of the brand new Vice President of Huawei Argentina, Juan Bonora, who welcomed and highlighted: “The federal aspect of the program, with the participation of young people from various provinces of the country and also a high percentage of women, something very significant for us in the intention we have to reduce the gender gap in ICTs ”. Participants The 30 students from Argentina who will be part of the training are Hector Rueda, Valentin Berman, Facundo Medina, Fausto de Arriba, Erika Laskouski, Lucas Ríos, Boris Bach, Juan Carlos Vega, Lucas Perez, Franco Montanari, Pedro Tealdi, Gonzalo Zoloaga, Lucas Starita, Rocío Ramírez, Camila Baetti Musítano, Isabella Nieva Muroni, Mario Korol, Agustín Retamozo, Alex Seligmann, Antonela Calloni, Facundo Costarelli, Sebastian Keienburg, Lucas Cabot, Lucas Grosso, Gonzalo Mansilla, Guillermo Neme Simonetti. Since its arrival in the country in 2001, Huawei currently has 500 employees and is focused exclusively on working with local operators and partners to provide telecommunications solutions. A business that was strengthened after the local recall of smartphones.