Electronic payment systems company SmartPay and Chongqing Run Feng Airlines Services Company, one of the largest airline ticketing agents in Chongqing, are launching a mobile airline e-ticketing service for customers in the Chongqing region.

SmartPay and Run Feng's service allows customers to purchase airline e-tickets by sending an SMS or IVR instruction with their mobile phone.

With the movement toward nationwide airline e-ticketing in China, and Run Feng's leadership in the south west region, SmartPay says the joint cooperation is a key example of how SmartPay works with leading merchants to innovate and launch new payment methods.

Run Feng processes over CNY200 million of air tickets annually.


  1. Dear Sir

    i want to know list of travel agent that IVR payment system and airline that is also using IVR paayment system so that i can get in-torch with them for payment.


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