The international technology giant IBM has unveiled its new-generation Power processor, Power7, in China, aiming to expand the application fields of its Power processor brand.

Compared with its Power6 processor, which was launched three years ago, Power7 adopts the 45-nanometer technology and the previous dual-core had been upgraded to eight cores. Each of these eight cores can realize four threads, which means the performance of Power7 is four times better that of Power6.

Servers based on the Power processor feature high capacity and great reliability and are mainly used in key businesses, including finance and power industry. As the rise of cloud computing, IBM expects to expand the application of its Power processor to emerging industries like real-time data analysis.

During the product launch, IBM made contracts between its Power7 and the similar products made by HP and Sun to show the high performance and low power consumption of Power7.

IBM said servers with the Power7 processor will be able to ship to Chinese clients in the next month.


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