In response to recent media reports that its All-in-One number service has been used for fraudulent activities, China Tietong says that it will start to implement a real name system for this kind of number to prevent further fraud.

Since May this year, there have been more than 130 documented cases of fraud in Beijing that were conducted with China Tietong's All-in-One Number. China Tietong says that it has received some information from its provincial branches confirming the instances of such crimes.

The real name system will bind the service to the real names and identities of individuals. In the past, users could anonymously apply for these services, but the real name system will ensure that the user's real details are registered before they start using the service.

China Tietong's All-in-One Number is a new value-added telecom service that can bind several different telephone numbers onto one commercial number so that users will not miss any call wherever they are. However, this special feature of the number has been taken advantage of by some swindlers to steal money, which has brought great loss to both users and China Tietong. China Tietong reminds telecom users to keep alert when receiving short messages asking them to provide bank account details, passwords or ID numbers.


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