Linktone (LTON) will establish a joint venture with a subsidiary of Shandong TV Station, which will exclusively operate wireless value-added services for SDTV.

Linktone's CEO Michael Li commented, "Following our successful partnership with SDTV in providing wireless value-added services for the interactive television program 'Beautiful Shandong,' we look forward to establishing this media JV as a new era of media entertainment develops."

After successfully operating SDTV's competitive election show, "Image Ambassador for Beautiful Shandong," Linktone is partnering with Shanghai Zhongbang Culture Media Company, with SDTV as its controlling shareholder, to establish a media JV, blending the best of traditional media and new media. This new JV will exclusively operate the wireless value-added services business of all the television programs, big events, public relations activities, and entertainment performances planned and produced by Zhongbang Media.

Founded in 1960, SDTV currently owns seven TV channels: Satellite Channel, Qilu Channel, Sports Channel, Agricultural Science Channel, Public News Channel, Children's Channel and Pay Channel. According to a press release from Linktone, SDTV's Satellite Channel, with an audience of over 700 million, ranks first in coverage among those of the provinces.


  1. I am from Hong Kong SAR & now live in Jiaojiang Dist,. Taizhou, Zhejiang 318000. I am looking for a provider of satellite TV connection mainly to watch western channels at home.


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