CCW Research's recent report states that China's public security sector will drive the development of RFID in China.

In the report, "Research Results of RFID Development Trends and Future Market Opportunities 2005-2006", CCW Research points out that although the RFID market scale in China was last year only CNY1.6 billion and the application of the technology was limited to anti-counterfeiting security, medicine, food safety, gate management and pet management, RFID applications in the country are on a rapid increase thanks to the development of advanced RFID technology and the unveiling soon of RFID standards.

CCW Research says that driven by the application in the public security area, RFID will soon be expanded to other industries and sectors.

It estimates that government, transportation and manufacturing will be the most important fields for RFID application in China at the initial stage and then logistics and goods supply will be the important fields during middle stage. The retailing industry will be the largest market as RFID matures.


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