PacificNet's (PACT.PK) Epro subsidiary has been selected by Nanjing Airlines International Ticketing Center to provide CRM consulting, and Call Center Operation Management Training services.

This comprehensive call center and CRM consulting project consists of the following stages: Best practices in Customer Service, Critical Success Factors on Customer Affinity, Communication Skills, Five Steps of Inbound Telemarketing and Customer Service, Practical Skills of Telemarketing and Customer Service, Complaint Handling Skills, and Customer Service Agent Role Playing Sessions.

Tu Jing Wei, Head of Nanjing Airlines International Ticketing Center took part in the training course and said, "We would like to thank PacificNet Epro's CRM consulting team for their expertise and assistance in increasing the overall performance of our contact center management workflow, telemarketing effectiveness, as well as our CRM service quality. The design of the training is in close relationship with our practical works, which gives us a better understanding of how to skillfully manage our customer service and is very useful to improving our customer service quality. We hope to work with PacificNet Epro as our long-term CRM partner on future call center projects."

Tony Tong, Chairman and CEO of PacificNet, said that today, consumers choose a provider in China not solely based upon price, but upon a number of factors including CRM service, loyalty, and retention programs. He says this trend has created the demand for and deployment of large scale customer contact centers.


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