Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp has now become a target of criticism in China for adopting a "fake" screen for its LCD televisions.

Sharp has ranked as a top LCD television manufacturer in the Chinese industry mainly because of its unique self-developed liquid crystal display. However, recent news in China reports that the company has adopted a liquid crystal display produced by Taiwan Chi Mei, instead of its own, for a batch of new television products.

This is why the new product Sharp LCD-32AX5 is being sold at a price as cheap as CNY9999 compared to the earlier price of CNY15000.

Local media also report that Sharp's LCD-32BX5 is also using LCDs made by a Taiwanese company.

A representative from Sharp however says that all the LCD panels are made by the company itself. But the general manager of Sharp China said that they need to confirm with the Japanese headquarters before they know whether the products are equipped with Chi Mei's LCD.

A researcher from the State Council Development and Research Center has told local media that it is understandable that Sharp is working with a Taiwanese OEM LCD manufacturer in order to lower costs, however, the company should tell consumers about this.


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