PacificNet (PACT.PK) has taken another step in its strategy of capturing market opportunities with the impending launch of 3G in China.

PacificNet recently signed an agreement with China Unicom (CHU) to become one of the designated value-added short message services providers for Uni-Info, a recently launched mobile information service to service mass market China mobile users.

"We continue to believe in the huge market opportunities in wireless content. There are more than 100 million computer internet users in China, but 400 million mobile phone users. We believe that companies that can capture the attention of the mobile phone users will come out on top, and we are acting aggressively to put us in a position to win," said Tony Tong, Chairman and CEO of PacificNet.

Uni-Info is an SMS-based information subscription and delivery-on-demand service launched by China Unicom and is now available to its GSM and CDMA phone users. Its content offerings include a wide variety of services such as entertainment and financial information, as well as interactive gaming and dating, enabling its subscribers to enjoy the convenience and access to first-hand information via SMS in over 20 provinces and cities in China.

China Unicom's comprehensive media portal, Uni-info, has three major theme sections. The Uni-Entertainment section features realistic 3D games with lifelike audio and video. The Uni-Life experience section provides services such as mobile ticket purchasing. Lastly, the Uni-Business section shows real-time functions of financial and stock market information and news.

The interactive and easy-to-operate interface enables newcomers and non-professionals to get what they want from the stock and finance channel of Uni-Business. One of the most impressive functions of Uni-Business is mobile e-commerce, which offers financial management, payment, phone banking, and e-commerce services on mobile phones. This feature turns the mobile phone into a convenient, portable e-commerce terminal. It enables consumer's access to e-commerce and e-banking services anywhere, anytime and in a secure and efficient way.


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