The WiMedia Alliance this week announced the official opening of a chapter in China to facilitate its work with Chinese regulators in allowing ultra-wideband in their country.

WiMedia's China Chapter will initially focus on promoting ultra-wideband (UWB) and the organization to manufacturers and consumers within China and establishing working relationships with key Chinese regulatory officials who oversee technological development within radio and broadband platforms. Future initiatives of the WiMedia China Chapter will involve working with Chinese and international standards bodies for technology standardization and to ensure consumers receive a high degree of interoperability with their UWB devices.

"As UWB adoption continues to grow on a global scale, this summit enables the WiMedia Alliance to develop a level of engagement within the Chinese industry to better understand and address any unique Chinese technological requirements," said Stephen R. Wood, president of the WiMedia Alliance and UWB technology strategist at Intel. "As Chinese consumers use more PC, CE and mobile devices, they will drive demands for the market to create products with the capability for higher bandwidth."

At a conference in Beijing yesterday attended by 500 representatives from the Chinese government, academia and technology companies, WiMedia Alliances officials engaged their Chinese colleagues in a dialogue regarding WiMedia's progress and future roadmap in standardization and global regulatory efforts.

The announcement of the launch of the WiMedia China chapter was made in conjunction with the WiMedia-hosted global UWB Summit in Beijing. The summit offers a comprehensive look at the impact of UWB in a wide variety of personal computing, consumer electronics, and mobile devices and how it stands with complementary and competing technologies as China regulators consider allowing UWB technology into their country.

The initial members of the WiMedia China chapter are: Liu Dong, Director; Mark Bowles, China Chapter Liaison; Kevin Liu, Secretary General; Hua Ning, Marketing; Chen Wenkai, Policy; Ding Quanlong, Technical; and John Li, Certification and Testing.


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