China's Ministry of Information Industry has published general information on the regulating of Internet and wireless information service providers and 780 SPs have been exposed for having done harm to consumers.

MII says that it has checked and punished 780 SPs that have harmed consumers in China. Of them, 327 SPs have been ordered to rectify and 453 SPs' businesses have been closed down by their relevant operators over the last few months.

MII says on its official website that the local supervision departments must require those SPs that are involved in severe rule-breaking behavior to stop their business and try to rectify themselves.

Earlier this year, MII implemented a rule for SPs to carry out double confirmation for any ordering of their services. For example, this means that when a user requests a new mobile phone service, they should validate two messages before the service is charged to their mobile account. In the past, many SPs did not confirm services with users, so the users were sometimes charged high fees for wireless services they did not want.

MII's new rules also require SPs to keep all their billing records for at least five months in case of any disputes.


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