B2B online service provider Huicong has added new blood to the B2B business in China by launching a "Care for Enterprise" plan to provide full range care for enterprises.

HC is one of the largest B2B service providers in China. It has more than 2.8 million active companies online, most of which are medium and small companies.

Under the new plan, each company is regarded as an individual person and they can enjoy a range of care in a similar way to that is enjoyed by people. HC's "Care for Enterprise" includes building an accumulated score management system, integrating online stores, providing instant communications, forums, blogs and online information.

The service is applicable for all online and offline service and products of HC. Users of these products can accumulate online virtual money whose value can be used to exchange for gifts or advertising positions, and enterprises can enjoy even more personalized services.

Yao Jianjiang, CMO of HC, says that "Care for Enterprise" is a practice rather than a pure concept. He added that HC would provide strong support to users by making full use of the company's consumer data, market resources and business statistics.


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