Open Source Development Labs says that Chinese handset manufacturer Datang Mobile will join OSDL as an active member of the Mobile Linux Initiative.

"Linux is being deployed on mobile devices shipped in China at a much higher rate than in any other region," said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL. "Datang Mobile will bring increased representation from one of the most active and dynamic markets in the world, and its technical and business expertise will accelerate the adoption of Mobile Linux."

Datang Mobile is a leading communication equipment provider in China and in markets around the globe.

The Diffusion Group predicts that by 2010, mobile Linux handset market share will grow to 26.6%, eclipsing SymbianOS. While both mobile device shipments and mobile Linux shares continue to increase, companies such as Datang Mobile are looking for more ways to leverage resources across companies and technology platforms. Building on common resources allows manufacturers to agree upon joint requirements, thereby freeing resources to focus on further differentiating and advancing those capabilities specific to their products.

"By joining OSDL, we get the opportunity to collaborate with our peers in a neutral environment," said Liu JiTang, Vice General Manager of Datang Mobile (Shanghai). "All the right players are involved to make Linux a key component of all mobile devices, and we're looking forward to taking part in that achievement."

In response to member demand, OSDL announced MLI in October 2005, emphasizing the need for kernel-level gap analysis and requirements gathering. Datang Mobile's membership marks the one-year anniversary of this dynamic initiative.

OSDL industry-wide initiatives bring Linux ecosystem participants together to identify challenges and to execute on collective solutions.


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