Oki and Changzhou Broadcast & Television Information Network, a leading cable TV company promoting digital TV broadcasting in China, announced that they have started a field trial with set top boxes in China.

The test started in November 2006 and will continue until the middle of December. Taking the results from this test, OKI will enhance the functions such as security for the CA cards.

China is planning to shift to digital broadcasting by 2015. Changhzou City was appointed by the State Administration of Radio Film and Television as one of the first cities in China to conduct trial provisioning of 33 cable digital TV broadcasting. Changzhou CATV currently builds optical fiber network for HFC, ATM, GE networks.

"OKI has been contributing to the development of our city since 1997, and has been expanding its business in Changzhou City. We will work with OKI, who has advanced technologies, to contribute in a smooth shift to digital broadcasting by using separate-type CA cards and STBs ahead of other operators," said Zhang Bing, Board Chairman and Director at Changzhou Broadcast & Television Information Network.


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