Dell (DELL) has launched free recycling in several additional markets worldwide, including China, meeting a timetable set in June to provide free recycling of any Dell-branded product for consumers worldwide as part of its global recycling policy. Dell says it is the first and only computer manufacturer to offer such a program.

"We remain focused on raising consumer awareness about the importance of recycling and increasing the volume of products we recover from consumers," said Eric Gates, Dell's worldwide manager of asset recovery services.

Dell recently expanded recycling services into several markets to meet its goal, including Brazil, China, India, South Korea, Mexico, and Taiwan. Recycling services for consumers were either added or enhanced in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand.

This recycling offer is designed for consumers and includes responsible recycling of used Dell-branded computers and peripheral equipment at no-charge. The service also thankfully does not require a replacement purchase.

Dell says it supports a policy that would make all producers responsible for offering recovery and recycling services for their own brand products from consumers at no charge. Dell also believes the marketplace is best positioned to increase efficiency in collection, recycling and design of products, and any legislation should not include fees or creation of new government infrastructure for collecting and recycling electronics.

Dell has offered U.S. consumers no-charge recycling of any brand of used computer or printer with the purchase of a new Dell computer or printer since 2004. For donating working computers, Dell's longstanding relationship with the National Cristina Foundation provides customers options that support local non-profit organizations. The donation program is currently available in Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dell has offered a no-charge consumer recycling program for Dell-branded products in Europe since November 2003.

Dell began setting goals for product recovery in 2004 and has a current goal of recovering 125 million kilograms of used products from customers by the end of 2009.

Dell also offers product recovery services to business and institutional customers in most major markets. The company expands product recovery services on a country-by-country basis as its share grows. Dell's Asset Recovery Services, offered to business and institutional customers, provides reverse logistics, value recovery and reporting.


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