Beijing Netcom has confirmed that it has upgraded its 512K ADSL to 1M from January 1, 2007 and will launch the 2M ADSL service within this year.

In the meantime, Beijing Netcom has also launched three package offers for the 1M ADSL users. They are CNY30/20 hours/month, CNY55/40 hours/month and CNY65/50 hours/month. The cost is CNY0.6 cheaper per hour on the average compared with the fees in the past.

In addition, Beijing Netcom says that it will launch a new ADSL package before the end of April 2007, which will decrease the network access cost from current CNY150 to CNY130 each month.

At present, Beijing Netcom's 512K or 1M ADSL users can apply for the faster service and package service through Beijing Netcom's service hotline. Beijing Netcom charges no money for this upgraded accelerated service.


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