Representatives from the four local home appliance manufacturers Guangdong Kelon, Henan Xinfei, Hefei Meiling and Hisense (Beijing) have gathered in Beijing to collectively question the "National White Home Appliance Quality Test Report 2006" recently issued by the China Association for Quality.

CAQ rated the home appliance products of the four companies in the National White Home Appliance Quality Test Report 2006 as some of the worst in its index. The four companies say that CAQ's selection and confirmation of product samples does not conform with the relevant national standards and its release of the report without their acknowledgement is irresponsible.

Besides these four home appliance manufacturers, China Home and Electrical Appliance Association, a national organization of the home appliance industry, has also raised questions about the CAQ report. Xu Dongsheng, deputy secretary general of CHEAA, says that CAQ, as a social organization, is only entitled to give suggestions on solving quality problems and support consumers' rights, but it has no right in ranking the goods of manufacturers.

Fan Tianshun, a representative from CAQ, says there is nothing wrong with their test results, but CAQ has already gone ahead and removed the index and ranking from its official website.


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