China Internet Network Information Center says that by the end of December 2006, China has had 1.8 million .CN domain names, ranking fourth in the world for top-level country domain names.

Mao Wei, director of CNNIC, says that the increase of .CN domain name registrations has upgraded China's position in the Internet world while improving the country's national security. As a result of large scale registrations, the price of .CN domain names remain cheaper than that of .com within China. Mao says the price of .CN will remain lower than that of .com for a long time.

CNNIC's statistics show that in the past year, China's .CN domain name registrations increased from 1.09 million to 1.8 million, increasing by as much as 65.1% and the increase in December even doubled that of the same period of the previous year. The report says that the outstanding stability and security is the main appeal for Internet users to choose .CN instead of .com.


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