Wang Xueqing, director of the Price Office of the Economic Research Institute of China's National Development and Reform Commission, says that in order to push local telecom operators to implement the one-way charging for mobile communications service, NDRS and the Ministry of Information Industry will work to fix a definite timetable.

As the Price Office where Wang is working has been long watching over the price changes in the telecom industry, his remarks are believed to be a policy statement of the Chinese government's decision in carrying out the one-way charging.

Wang says that NDRC and MII will issue two detailed measures to promote the implementation of the one-way charging. One of which will be to urge the mobile operators to launch the one-way charging strategies before a certain deadline, and the other is not to approve any charging standard that is not based on a one-way business model.

Wang also reminds consumers of not being blinded by mobile operators' one-way charging measures. Instead, he says that they should focus on requesting a price reduction as that will in the long-term bring them greater relief.


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