A representative from local communications equipment supplier ZTE says that ZTE's entire set of TD-SCDMA equipment has successfully passed the tests of the Ministry of Information Industry and is one of the first vendors to be awarded China's TD-SCDMA network entry certificate.

Four types of ZTE telecom equipment, including the core network equipment, wireless network control equipment, base station equipment and service platform equipment are included in the new telecom license.

ZTE says it has tested the entire set of TD-SCDMA equipment in Xiamen, Qingdao and Shanghai and is putting it into trial use in Beijing, Baoding, Qingdao and Xiamen. Though ZTE now has this license, it is still unclear when 3G will be put into full commercial service throughout China.

In January, China's Ministry of Information Industry issued the first double module and double number readiness network access license to ZTE. The company won the license because it developed a type of mobile phone that supports both double module and double readiness functions.


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