Shanghai Baosight Software Company says that it will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Microsoft (MSFT) in April and will become the sixth strategic partner for the global software powerhouse in China.

The other five strategic partners that Microsoft has signed are Digital China, Lanchao, Chinasoft International, Powerise and Insigma Technology.

Baosight previously signed a letter of intent with Microsoft in 2005. A representative from Baosight says that Microsoft is strong in marketing, while Baosight has great strength on enterprise software. Baosight also signed a cooperation agreement with Microsoft on information security in February this year and Microsoft hopes to expand China's enterprise level information security market through this cooperation.

Baosight was established in April 2000 and became a listed company in April 2001. The headquarters of the company are located in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang High-Tech Park.


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