China's ZTE is going to Africa to build both the Rwandan backbone network and the first metropolitan network in the capital Kigali after it won the Rwanda MTN transmission project.

The backbone network project will connect Rwanda's capital with the Ugandan border, where it will interface with the Uganda MTN network to provide an international fibre optic gateway.

"ZTE's experience in deploying cost-effective and scaleable solutions was a key factor in winning this contract," said Han Ling, executive manager of ZTE's optical transmission product. "The deployment of these networks will vastly increase Rwandan transport capacity and its access to the international community and establish the network on a par with neighbouring countries."

ZTE will utilize its ZXMP S330 SDH transmission equipment in building the backbone and metropolitan networks. The ZXMP S330 features powerful multi-service access capability, network equipment protection and seamless scalability for system upgrades to 2.5G. Upgrades can be easily carried out by replacing optical boards; there is no service disconnection so the ability to increase bandwidth is safeguarded while enabling the operator to deliver a consistently high level of service at a competitive cost.


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