With the support of China's Ministry of Information Industry, the Information Office of the State Council, the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform and China Academy of Sciences, the China Internet Network Information Center has formally launched a "One Million Websites Using Chinese Domain Names" program.

CNNIC survey results show that 15% of the Chinese Internet users can write down about 10 commonly used English domain names when surfing online; over 90% of internet users believe it is easier and more convenient to remember and use Chinese domain names for online surfing; and about 53% of Chinese netizens believe that giving priority to developing Internet services within a native language environment will help promote the development of the country's Internet business.

CNNIC says that in 2007, all the mainstream browsers based on Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and Firefox will support Chinese-language domain names. They will also hold touring lectures to popularize Internet use of .CN domain names.

Chinese officials have often said that China's Internet security is best maintained by the use of .CN domain names because China has more direct control over those top-level domain name servers and registrars, while China has very little control over .COM or other TLD services.



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