Chinese online payment provider YeePay is partnering with Bertelsmann Book Club to provide online payment service for Bertelsmann users in China.

"Our collaboration has been smooth and productive," said a representative from Bertelsmann. "We have received very positive feedback from our customers. As a new payment option, online payment meets the needs of our customers for security and convenience, it is well accepted by our Book Club members. This will ultimately help us improve customer loyalty."

YeePay also indicated that the two companies are probing into the possibility of providing telephone payment as a new option, which enables users to make payments over the phone using their bank cards. Telephone payment was pioneered by YeePay and can be used for mail order catalog business and call center based transactions.

Bertelsmann Book Club is the largest membership-based retailer of books and other media in China. Bertelsmann sells through three main channels: mail order catalog, website and its nationwide outlets. Previously, Bertelsmann's legacy system supported various payment options including postal wires, stored value cards and co-branded credit cards with China Merchant Bank. The new partnership with YeePay aims to provide more diversified payment options to enhance user experience and increase sales.

YeePay's new service enables Bertelsmann's customers to pay directly online using any bank cards or credit cards, making payments much more convenient and secure.


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