Microsoft (MSFT) has selected Shanghai-based software website Runsn as its first partner and dealer in China for its Groove 2007.

Microsoft's Groove 2007 is a kind of P2P-based coordination software. It is designed to provide more flexible coordination for smaller enterprises and is a new collaboration tool in the 2007 Microsoft Office system that enables teams to collaborate dynamically, effectively, and with advanced security, even when team members work for different organizations, work remotely, or need to work offline.

The Office Groove platform includes both decentralized client software for information worker productivity and centralized services for traversing network boundaries efficiently, enforcing IT management, and integrating data with other server-based systems. Chris Capossela, vice president of Microsoft, has told local media that Microsoft would continue to develop Groove as a key product and make it to better integrate with the rest of the Office products from Microsoft.

Yu Tian, deputy general manager of Runsun, said that in order to promote Office Groove 2007, their website will no longer be a pure software selling website, and instead it will be a software selling and service platform targeting at enterprise users and providing consulting, supply, training, technical support and after-sales service.


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