Shanghai Yangpu Department of Industry and Commerce has identified a batch of pirated Windows Vista software worth about CNY2 million and they have transferred two suspects to the local police.

A representative from Microsoft (MSFT), the developer of Windows Vista, is quoted in local media as saying this is the most serious case concerning pirated Vista since this operating system software was launched a few months ago.

Following a tip from a local citizen, Yangpu Department of Industry and Commerce found 1034 Simplified Chinese versions of both basic and professional beta of Windows Vista and up to 8000 pirated game disks. The two suspects, identified by their surnames Chen and Li, said they shipped these items from Guangzhou and then sold them to stalls and video and audio stores in Shanghai. According to the men, each of the pirated Windows Vista cost CNY6 wholesale, in comparison to the normal market price of CNY2000.

The two suspects have been detained and all the pirated software have been sealed by the police. There is no word yet on the punishment they face or when a trial will be held.


  1. Is Microsoft not making sure to verify these software before people use them? With XP Microsoft verifies things so how is Vista different or better?

  2. Well i thought india was first but its not as bad as china in piracy.Microsoft has wasted millions of dollars advertising in china and just 244 geniune copy of vista!! lol

    They should take some tough action


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