In response to the report that some types of Samsung LCD TVs have been banned in Australia, a representative from Samsung China has admitted that the problematic television sets are also sold in China.

However, the representative has told local media that these televisions should not cause problems for Chinese users.

The four types of Samsung LCD televisions are LA40M81, LA46M81, LA32R81 and LA40R8. Their sales have been stopped in Australia because their digital television signal adapters do not conform with the local digital TV transmission standard, but they reportedly don't have any other quality problems. At present, these types of televisions are sold in China, but they won't affect consumers' normal use as the digital television standard has not been popularized yet in China.

Regarding the report that some of Samsung's 42-inch plasm TVs have such technical defects as blank screens, Samsung says that this type of plasma TV is also sold in China, but there is not any identified problem with them, so far.


  1. I'm from the philippines and i bought a 32" samsung LA32R81 and im beginning to worried if my lcd will have the same problem or not, but how can i test it? Because here in the philippines we usually use analog not digital.

  2. I have a Samsung LCD TV that I bought 1&1/2 yrs ago. Already I am having to have repairs done to the power supply.What a piece of crap!!! I will never buy another Samsung product of any kind!!!

  3. I live in Ohio and recently purchased a Samsung at the local Target store. Model #LN40A530. The on screen display keeps coming on and screwing up my settings. Sometimes it's ok for a few days, other times it acts up several times a day. I'm getting tired of resetting it from store demo to home use and reajusting all my settings. It's within the 90 day return policy. A service tech has already made some kind a adjustment, but that did'nt last very long. He called Samsung and they said they have'nt encountered this problem before. I think I'm going too return this TV before the 90 day return policey is up.


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