China Unicom (CHU) has announced in Shanghai that it will cooperate with Gtel to launch a new enterprise communication service.

China Unicom says it will make the new service, which is called 1010-1010 Brand Gtel, its key service and promote it across China starting, from Shanghai.

1010-1010 Brand Gtel is an innovative national distribution call center platform offering brand communications, calling distribution, client management and oriented marketing services for enterprise clients. It helps them build up a more cost-effective online marketing platform that covers both a communications network andInternet network. By calling 1010-1010 plus an enterprise's brand/trade name, users can easily find the registered enterprise and get through to their phone.

So far, such Chinese domestic companies as Dongpeng Ceramic and Yadi Electric Bicycle Factory have reportedly begun to use the 1010-1010 Brand Gtel service.


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