Nokia-Siemens, a joint venture company between Nokia and Siemens, says they will greatly increase the development capacity of their R&D center in Chengdu and make it one of their largest R&D centers in the world.

The expansion of the R&D center in Chengdu is part of Nokia-Siemens' strategic plan in China. According to the company's plan via local media, their R&D center in Chengdu, which is the fourth largest city in China, will be developed into a global R&D center to meet the needs of both telecom industry clients and local partners. In addition, the company will include network operation systems into their research and development range, a move that shows their commitment to providing a high quality network to customers.

Nokia-Siemens Chengdu R&D Center was set up in August 2005. It plays an important role in the development of 3G and IP-based IMS for the company.


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