RFID company Intelleflex has inked a strategic partnership with Hong Kong's Pimatronics to fabricate its line of next generation extended capability RFID tags.

"Pimatronics is the ideal company for us to partner with to expand our RFID tag offerings with volume deliveries," said Russell Shikami, vice president of operations at Intelleflex. "They are well-respected in the industry and are able to quickly and efficiently work with us to deliver a high quality product to the market. As our volume increases and demand for additional tag form factor grows, Pimatronics will be able to meet our need and deliver the highest quality products to our customers."

Intelleflex says its tags provide capabilities far beyond those of traditional passive RFID tags, at a fraction of the cost of active RFID. With a flexible, high quality, automated production process utilizing the latest assembly technologies, Pimatronics offers an ideal RFID tag assembly and test solution.

Based on an accredited ISO9001:2000 process, Pimatronics matches high quality with a high volume capacity, capable of producing over one million tags per month. Intelleflex started production of its next generation STT-7000 battery-assisted passive RFID tag with Pimatronics, utilizing ultrasonic welding to achieve IP67 rated tag enclosures and laser marking for high-quality, durable serialized part marking. As Intelleflex continues to bring best-in-class products to market, this partnership provides a means to meet the ever-growing demands of the RFID industry.


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