China Unicom has signed a framework agreement with the municipal government of Shanghai to implement an extensive in-depth strategic cooperation in the information sector.

Under the agreement, China Unicom will take Shanghai as its major strategic partner and a key area for business development. The company will invest CNY20 billion in Shanghai in the next three years to provide quality and reliable comprehensive communication services for the city's construction.

Between 2009 and 2011, the two parties will implement the cooperation in five aspects, including enhancing investments in construction and stimulating Shanghai's economic development; promoting employment and improving people's living conditions; serving the World Expo and ensuring communication; realizing integration of industry and information and promoting industry upgrade; and raising communication service capacity and improving service quality.

China Unicom will also increase investments in fixed assets in Shanghai, improve Shanghai's information service capacity, promote Shanghai's economic growth, and build Shanghai into an important information communication hub in the Asia Pacific area.

Meanwhile, China Unicom will invest CNY800 million to create a quality WCDMA network to meet the communication demands during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.


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