In cooperation with more than 20 CDMA mobile phone manufacturers from home and abroad, China Unicom (CHU) has launched 72 types of CDMA customized mobile phones that have embedded stock and financial services software.

Yu Yingtao, general manager of Liantong Huasheng, which is responsible for China Unicom's mobile phone outsourcing, says that China Unicom had signed with many CDMA mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, TCL and Amoi, and purchased more than 2 million CDMA customized stock mobile phones.

Though China Unicom has not disclosed the exact amount of funds they have spent on the purchase, it is estimated that the total amount will reach more than CNY1.7 billion.

At present, the service fee for the stock mobile phone is CNY30 per month. Consumers who buy the phone before September will be exempt from paying the fee for the initial month.


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