Music and video content aggregator Global Music International says China Unicom NewSpace, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom (CHU), has begun offering its collection of music content from both Chinese and Western musicians on China Unicom's cellular network.

"The partnership between Unicom New Space and Global Music International is mutually beneficial," said Meng Xiangsen, vice general manager of China Unicom NewSpace. "We are extremely pleased how well Global Music's content is being embraced by our user base. It brings an unprecedented level of new music services for Chinese mobile consumers. Together, we will benefit consumers by bringing them the latest Chinese language and western music and deliver it using mobile handsets as a new medium. This partnership will not only provide Chinese music lovers with a brand new experience, but it also creates new channels of distribution for Global Music International to provide localized and personalized service."

With the deal, GMI says China Unicom NewSpace gains access to innovative international and domestic content that its parent, China Unicom, believes will not only maintain but grow market share.

"It is with great pleasure that Global Music International now offers China Unicom and Unicom NewSpace customers a truly diversified mobile music experience — through our rich blend of localized music content," said Chris Mauritz, executive vice president, Global Music International. "Our strong relationship with China Unicom and China Unicom NewSpace is a key component to Global's expansion plans and we look forward to a continuing beneficial and harmonious relationship between our companies."


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