According to news on, Shanghai United Investment Co., Ltd has decided to withdraw from its MSN China joint venture company and is right now seeking a buyer for its 50% at MSN China.

An unnamed source has disclosed to local media that SUIC began to contact some buyers as early as a month ago because of the unclear business pattern of this joint venture company. However, the source adds that if they can't reach an agreement on the price, SUIC may give up the withdrawal plan.

Neither MSN China or SUIC has made any comment.

MSN China was set up in May 2005 by Microsoft and SUIC, and at the time was called a milestone event by Chen Yongzheng, CEO of Microsoft China.


  1. American Internet companies can't make it in China eh? Google fails, Yahoo fails, AOL fails and all other American companies are going to fail in China because they do not understand baby!


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