TCL has formally unveiled its new management team and published its new business strategy called "Giving Priority in Efficiency and Achieving Sustainable Development".

TCL's new management team consists of Yang Jianrong, who has just been appointed as general manager; Jiang Xiang, general manager of TCL's Desktop Computer Business Department; and Huang Zhonglin, general manager of TCL Laptop Computer Business Department. At the same time, the company has unveiled four types of new laptop computers: T23, T35, K43 and K42A.

TCL has just completed a structural adjustment. It has cancelled its sales center and set up two major departments called Laptop Computer Department and Desktop Computer Department.

TCL's 2007 mid-year report shows that the company sold a total of 320,000 computers in the first six months of this year, a decline of 20.8% compared with that of the same period last year. Its sales revenue also decreased by 30.7%. TCL said the decline in sales revenue was mainly due to the drop of average prices for desktop computers.


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