Kingdee has signed a joint operation agreement with YGL and the two sides will jointly explore the management software and market in Southeast Asia.

According to the agreement, the parties will set up a joint venture company called Kingdee Southeast Asia Software Group Sdn Bhd to coordinate with Kingdee's sales, marketing and distributing of K/3 system in Southeast Asia and provide relevant technology relief and services.

According to Xu Shaochun, chair of Kingdee's Board of Directors, YGL has a great advantage in localization and market coverage. In particular, it has strong competitiveness in Malaysia, Singaore and Thailand, which has laid down a strong foundation for their cooperation. Kingdee Southeast Asia Software Group Sdn Bhd will actively carry out Kingdee's localization plan in Southeast Asia and build systematic distribution partnerships so as to strengthen Kingdee's position in the market.

YGL's executive president Ye Guangqian believes that the cooperation is a milestone for YGL, because it has attracted a leading software manufacturer from the Asia Pacific region to come to Malaysia to develop localized software.


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