China Yahoo has launched its first ever Lifetime Emailbox, which features an unlimited capacity for Chinese users.

The new email service will use the domain name of, and it is available to all netizens as of September 10. Though Yahoo could in theory host its servers outside of China, even with a Chinese domain name, local media suggest the company plans to host its mail servers in China.

With email becoming an irreplaceable means of communications, email boxes are required to hold more and more multimedia content. Based on this situation, Yahoo put forward the concept of unlimited capacity at the beginning of this year. Shen Jianming, vice president of China Yahoo, says that Yahoo's Lifetime Emailbox is a pledge that Yahoo has made to users based on the most advanced technology and service level of the existing email service.


  1. I have tried to email friends in China with an All of my emails come back telling me email faled to deliver. Why is this happening and how can I resolve this problem? Thank you!


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