CDC Corporation's (CHINA) gaming subsidiary CDC Games has started the Online Games Alliance Against Piracy to fight the piracy of online games in China.

The goals of OGAAP are to establish a platform for industry participants and stakeholders to exchange ideas and share experiences; conduct market and technology research; propose industry-wide policies and practices; and lobby relevant government bodies and lawmakers to enact anti-piracy legislation. The alliance will also actively promote public awareness of copyrighted online game usage, educate online game players about copyrighted content and vigorously pursue the continued shutdown of pirated online games as well as the arrest and conviction of their operators.

Other founding members of the OGAAP alliance include leading developers such as: CCP, the Iceland-based developer of EVE Online; Ons On Soft Company, the Korea-based developer of Shine; Sonokong Company, the Korea-based developer of Shaiya, and Come on Baby; T3 entertainment, the Korea-based developer of Audition online game; and Wemade Entertainment, the Korea-based developer of Legend of Mir II and Mir III online games. CDC Games is also actively recruiting others in the online game industry to join OGAAP in this united front against piracy.

OGAAP, to be a non-profit organization headquartered in Beijing, is already in discussions with several of China's governmental organizations that oversee the games industry to seek their guidance and support of this initiative. These agencies include the China Game Publishers Association as well as top authorities governing press and publications, copyright administration and protection of intellectual property rights.

As part of its commitment to fight online games piracy, OPTIC Communications, which is now part of CDC Games, has reportedly helped the China government convict two operators of "piracy for profit" of one of their online fantasy games called Mir III. These two landmark cases are among the first of their kind in China and each resulted in criminal convictions.


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