JaJah, an American Internet phone service provider, has launched a voice service that can automatically transforms itself between Chinese and English, showing the company's intention to enter the Chinese market.

Different from other Internet phone services, the service of JaJah can be achieved without any new software. To make a phone call, a user only needs to register on the website of JaJah, log in and enter the callers ID and the called number. The service can be realized between fixed lines and mobile phones and international calls are also available.

For fees and charges, if both the calling party and the called party are users of JaJah, the call is completely free. Apart from that situation, the call is charged in accordance with the phone types of the called party, which is to say whether it is a fixed line or mobile phone. Compared with common calls, the calls made through JaJah are much cheaper. For example, the charge for an international long-distance call from China to the United States is CNY0.27 per minute.

In China, the Internet phone market has not been opened yet. In February 2003, the Ministry of Information Industry, which morphed to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, published a telecom business catalog, which says that only the six major telecom operators with the basic telecommunications business qualifications are approved to manage VoIP Internet phone companies. In September 2005, the Ministry of Information Industry further released a notice, which says that only China Telecom and China Netcom are allowed to implement commercial tests of Internet phone in some areas. Services like Skype, which has partnered with Tom.com, have been blocked in the past in China.


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